Ted’s Top Tip: Define the Image

Ted Peters Photography Course Gibsons BCHow do you capture that perfect image? We posed the question to our photography instructor, Ted Peters.

“My top tip for a photo that works is to Define the Image. Make sure the viewer knows that the subject of the photo stands out. Achieve this by composition, either use symmetrical or the rule of thirds. Then, work with the background so it does not compete with the subject. Eliminate as much clutter as possible by choosing a plain background, blurring the background, or both.

“Watch your favorite movie, on mute. Sit back and study how the best directors in the world achieve their results. Look at magazines like Canadian Geographic and study what made their chosen pictures work. Finally, get to know your camera to be able to also get great results.”

Want to take your photography to the next level? Join Ted Peters for his upcoming two-day workshop at the Arts Building:

Dates: November 19 (9am – 1pm) and November 26 (5pm – 9pm)
Instructor: Ted Peters
Cost: $150.00 with a minimum of eight students

Questions? Email us at or call us at 604-740-7790.

Class registration is open until 48 hours prior to the start of the event. Register today by cheque or credit card using the form below to reserve your spot. (Credit card transactions are done through PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account to use it.)


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