Sandy Buck

Sandy Buck - Little Hands InstructorSandy Buck is an artist who has lived on the Sunshine Coast since 2007 when, along with her husband Chad Hershler, she started a family and a non-profit arts organization, Deer Crossing the Art Farm.

Sandy left Vancouver at the height of her career as a Costume Designer in the Film/TV/Theatre industry in 2007 to live in a rural setting and pursue her passion for creative community building.

She brings a wealth of skills developed from a 20-year career working for arts organizations as a volunteer coordinator, youth programmer, event organizer, teacher and artist. She is also a performer, puppeteer, and one of the creative collaborators for the Rainforest Circus, an annual site-specific production on the Sunshine Coast.

Sandy embraces the creative process in all that she does. But being creative is not an exclusive talent left to the few. Every single person is creative, we are born with it and we use it every day. How many times do we hear “I am not creative”? It is a skill that is too often perceived as a specialty; left to others who paint, draw, sew or cook.

Over this 1 ½ hour session, you will reconnect with the skillset you were born with: your creativity! The workshop will open you up to simple possibilities, reshaping the way you see things. Trying something new can lead to amazing outcomes.