Rifa Hodgson

For the past 40 years Rifa Hodgson has been assisting people to transform their lives, first as a teacher in Moscow and now as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Hypnosis Master Trainer.

Rifa became involved in healing arts in1997 and since then was trained in numerous modalities. She has discovered the benefits of hypnosis and regressions therapy during her own healing spiritual journey. Now she is devoted  her time in assisting others through their healing transitions towards happiness and wellness.

Rifa became the first practicing Life Between Lives™ therapist in Canada and a trainer for The Newton Institute. She is a co-author of Michael Newton’s latest book “The memories of the Afterlife”.

She moved to Sunshine Coast in 2004 from Winnipeg.

Rifa operates her own business “Adventure into Time and Beyond” and for the last 16 years she has been working with thousands of clients assisting them to get more clarity and peace in their present life.
 To find out more check Rifa’s website www.lifebetweenlives.ca

Rifa is available for public presentations/ workshops/group sessions /private sessions.

She can be reached at   604-741-7944 or 1-888-606-8463(TIME) or 

View her upcoming class at the Arts Building: The Art of Self-Hypnosis