Penny Connell

pconnellmixedmedia.comPenny Connell is a multi-disciplinary fibre artist, bead-weaver and jeweller, as well as an educator in Theatre and drama history. She has been making crocheted-wire jewellery for two decades. Her work has sold at numerous craft fairs and art galleries, and is currently represented at the Seymour Art Gallery in North Vancouver and the Landing Gallery in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast.

Penny reclaims materials from old necklaces and brooches, as well as using metal, bone, shell, pearl, semi-precious stones and found objects. Her work has an organic look, and is truly expressive of the individual who makes and/or wears it.

With extensive experience working as a teacher in a hands-on environment, Penny is dedicated to sharing the “secrets” of her craft—especially the “secret” that it is easy and fun, and will give any interested student to-die-for work that will look equally wonderful whether they’re out hiking or having tea with the Queen!

Penny is also a writer and actor, and has taught both those disciplines at Capilano University in a career spanning more than three decades. She belongs to the quilt group The Halfmoon Crazies and the Surface Design Association of BC, Sunshine Coast Chapter. She lives and works in Gibsons, at