Kim Fenton

Kim has been in a long-time love affair with fibre since 1972, when she first learned to knit while in high school in Kelowna BC. Her first project? Checkerboard slippers make from green and yellow phentex! 

Kim loves knitting because it connects her to an ancient past. Taking some string and a couple of sticks and creating an intricate series of slips and twists, row upon row, creating fabric, mesmerizes her. She loves reading about the history of knitting, and about making knitting. “My shop connects me to a group of people that are 

crafters, artisans, and artists, from the renegade yarn-bombers and nonconformist knitters to the traditional continental Norwegian sweater knitters”, she exclaims. Kim enjoys helping artists find the tools and the mediums to create beautiful work. She also help folks create 

heirlooms for their families and friends, andgets to share in the joys and the sorrows of the fibre community.

Kim strives to help her customers feel like artists in search of supplies to execute their craft. She encourages folks to feel safe asking questions, to explore something new, to find very good quality items at good competitive prices. Unwind is a space to be inspired and feel welcome, to feel you are contributing to the larger fibre community and even, in some small way, be a part of that huge ancient tribe of fibre artists from ages gone by.

Kim Fenton is the woman behind Unwind Knit & Fibre Lounge in Molly’s lane. Kim regularly teaches Learn to Knit, as well as other fibre arts classes at the Arts Building. To see her upcoming classes, view our calendar