Kaery McDonald

Karen McDonald Minfulness and the ArtsKaery McDonald is a creator of art and writing, a lover of nature and a seeker of the depth and mystery of the human experience. She completed her degree in Expressive Arts Therapy in 2015, and has studied different kinds of yoga and meditation for 10 years now, through her travels around the world, and by her own exploration of her inner being. Kaery has worked with children and adults doing therapy with the arts, helping to express and explore experiences and the feelings around them. She finds such joy in connecting people to the arts, finding their passions and encouraging them. She feels this freedom to spontaneously create, in whatever way a person enjoys, creates a deep joy and fulfillment in our lives. Kaery has been humbled and inspired by her own creative and healing journey and by those she has witnessed so far, and is always looking forward to new experiences, to step into the unknown together!