Sunshine Coast Art Crawl 2017

Want to participate in the 2017 Art Crawl in the Arts Building’s bright airy space? The Arts Building is a great venue if you would like to be a part. 

Last year the Arts Building hosted a diverse group of fibre, paint, and photography artists for the Art Crawl.  This year we’re interested in doing it again with a new group of 5-8 artists.  Let us know if you would like to apply to be part of the Arts Building group show. Each artist would have their own space and set-up.

The commitment would be to display your art and be present for the full 3 days of the Art Crawl (or have someone designated to be with your artwork and talk to the public about it).  You’d also need to be a member of the Coast Cultural Alliance .  The Arts Building would cover the cost of participating in the Crawl, and would request a small percentage of sales.

Contact us at