Marleen Vermuelen

My roots are European- so I did receive most of my art education in The Netherlands. As a graduate from The Design Academy in Eindhoven and The Academy of Fine Arts in Utrecht, I have explored Art in many dimensions – in the true sense of aesthetics, in Industrial Design and daily life.

In the 1980’s and begin 90’s I had an international career in graphic design, corporate design and management. I won recognition from the industry for a Corporate Identity Strategy Manual in the form of an International Gold Design Award in London, UK.

Employed by a London graphics design firm, DIA, I created corporate communication strategies for a number of international companies, including Honda Motors Europe, Costain and TNT Sky Pak.

Settling in Canada on the Sunshine Coast with my family in 1994, I found great inspiration in the natural beauty of the West Coast. This created a balance, sparking my current lifestyle, allowing even more focus on art.

Earlier work consisted more often than not of abstracts, mostly oil based. I have been focusing on the human body and at the same time, fascinated by their colors and beautiful shapes, I created a series of flowers in relation to the different seasons. At present, I am working on a more impressionist series of impressions of the West Coast