Isn’t It Time to Realize We’re All Artists?

In the fall of 2013 I decided to participate for the first time in Random Acts of Art.

“What? Are you crazy?” was the first thought I had. “You used to get D’s in art in elementary school.”

There it was, the VOICE, the loop that plays whenever I consider stepping outside of my usual forms of creativity.

Telling that voice, “Thank you, you can go and sit down now”, I went ahead and picked up my package.

The day arrived and with trepidation I opened the package.

“I could say I didn’t have time. Or I could just not turn it in!”

Okay, moving on from those thoughts!

I pulled out the board, the instructions, and the quote:

“She knew it was the last time.”


I’m not going to list all the ins and outs of the process other than to say I worked mostly in tissue paper.

That’s because the real point of this story is less about the result and more about love. Yes, love.

When I was in elementary school, my teachers gave me D’s in art. I believed them when they said I was not an artist. They were the grownups after all. Didn’t they know best?

As if someone can decide whether a child’s artistic endeavour is worthy or not.

As if they are justified in giving a C because a tree is blue with pink dots and the sky is green with yellow clouds.

As if someone can make a subjective judgement about art and have it be ‘right.”

As if creativity is defined only by our level of artistic ability and not about LIFE as art.

creative woman rising

“She knew it was the last time.”

I sent some friends a photo of my piece. In the email, I said something like, “I’m not a visual artist but I kind of liked the way this turned out so I’m sharing.”

Translation: “I’m sorry I’m bothering you but there’s still a little kid in me that wants to hear I can do this.”

I have claimed my creativity with singing, song-writing, idea-hatching, visionary thinking, and many other things.

But even when I got back comments like, “Wow, it has resonance. It’s fabulous,” that little voice in my head still said, “Nope, not a visual artist.”

It was time to claim my inner artist. It was time to give my wounded artist some compassion and tenderness and let my art become visible.

It was time to declare fiercely and unequivocally that creativity is an act of love and that LIFE is art.

“She knew it was the last time.”

She was done hiding her creative gifts. She was done staying low, hiding out, and covering up. She was done dialling down her brilliance.

She was ready to activate her genius. She was ready to inspire and be inspired. She was ready to stand in her power.

That is my invitation to you.

Because your creativity is being called forth by those who really want it.

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“Katherine Scott is a singer, songwriter, author, and a fierce supporter for entrepreneurs who want to free their creative genius and take their visions from inspiration to completion.”


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