Instructor Resources

The documents on this page were written so that all instructors would have a central place to find the information needed for being part of the AB. Please download and/or print out the information and read it carefully. We appreciate your help in making the administration of the Arts Building classes easy and consistent.

To open these documents to read, left click. To save a copy to your computer or to make a printed copy, right click and choose save as.

Instructors Information Document

Checklist for the Arts Building Document

Choosing Your Class Title, One Line Opener, and Complete Description

Please note that the title, one line opener, date/time, and cost will appear in the calendar. The title, one line opener, date/time, complete description, cost and payment button will appear on the class description page.

Pricing, Setting Class Size, and Receiving Payment

Please note that all payment information for class participants is on the FAQ page. Please refer any people who contact you about your class to that page,

Seven Tips for Writing a Bio that People Will Actually Read

Each instructor has a separate page for their bio so that class participants can learn a little more about you. Read the seven tips article for some points to consider when writing your bio for the AB.

Five Things About Content Marketing

All instructors are invited to write an article, approx 300 words, to help create interest in your course. The guidelines in the document will assist you in using using content marketing to attract your audience to your class.

These documents are also available at the AB.