Huckleberry Childcare Wish List

Huckleberry Coast Childcare

Huckleberry Coast Childcare Society provides young families with childcare options via administration, education, social support, family networking and financial aid through subsidized programs.

They are a new non-profit, rising out of one mum’s frustration with the difficulty of finding and paying for quality childcare.

Their goal is to support Sunshine Coast families in day-to-day life by expanding the number of available childcare spaces; increasing community awareness about the importance of quality childcare; and networking parents, caregivers and professionals who can help with whatever needs you and your child have. Huckleberry Coast aims to be a hub of local information for parents of children aged 0-6 years, both online and at regularly occurring public events.

The organization is hoping to open a child care center at the Gibsons Arts Building in September . . . but they need your help.

If you have good condition used items from their wishes and wants list, spare building materials or a few hours to donate in skilled labour, please contact the organization at

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