Exciting News! Art Garden Coming Soon

the view from Winn RdThis image is a familiar sight for all who pass by the corner of South Fletcher and Winn Rd.

But that’s about to change.

The Arts Building and Huckleberry Coast Childcare Society have received a grant from the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation to create an Art and Play Garden in the space between the Arts Building and the Museum. The space will be used by the licensed daycare opening in Sept, the Arts Building classes, other users of the facility, and community passersby.

Art Garden for the Whole Community

Built completely without man-made materials and featuring native plants and natural sculptures, this green-space is to be a place of community engagement, creative play and imaginative exploration of Coast ecology for preschoolers, youth and adults.

The garden will provide an artistic backdrop for art classes at the Arts Building, offering ready subject matter and inspiration for class participants. Users will be able to take pleasure in colour, form and texture in an outdoor setting for classes such as photography and painting.

Huckleberry Coast Daycare

Once the fenced garden that will allow for a licensed group daycare is completed, up to 20 children a day will play on site. The garden will encourage imagination and role playing where a child will be able to fly on a space ship or host a tea party on a sculpted log,

Using the Coast’s motifs of forest, ocean and shoreline, the garden will encourage environmental stewardship and generate educational opportunities for the community through hands-on learning and observation. Creation of the play garden will also invite participation of all ages during the stages of building and planting.

Our Appreciation

The garden will be a cultural corner that all can enjoy, providing many opportunities for physical and emotional happiness, inspiration, and creativity. Whether the Arts Building is open or closed, the garden will provide a place for peaceful contemplation for the community.

SC_comm_foundation_color_noTaglineThank you to Sunshine Coast Community Foundation for their generous support.
SCAC_logoThank you to the Sunshine Coast Arts Council for their support as our sponsoring organization.

The Arts Building will be creating a video log which will be available to view here on our website as the project progresses. Watch for updates.





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