Children, the Arts and Huckleberry

drawing of a houseChildren, the Arts and Huckleberry – what a combination!

The Arts Building board is very excited about an emerging new partnership with Huckleberry Coast Daycare.

Huckleberry has already taken over the Little Hands program we offer on Monday mornings and will soon be offering their more comprehensive plan to support Sunshine Coast families in day-to-day life by expanding the number of available childcare spaces.

Since the Arts Building is empty most weekdays except for Little Hands and the Children’s Coop, we believe this is a wonderful opportunity for parents and children in our community.

We look forward to forming a unique partnership that will provide quality daycare with a focus on the arts in order to further nurture creativity and imagination in our young children.

Here’s just a Huckleberry taste of some tips and useful tools for young children.

The Best Playdough Ever

The best play dough is soft, smooth, colourful and easily handled. It doesn’t stick to the rolling pin or your hands, it doesn’t dye the carpet, and it doesn’t dry out. Perhaps most importantly, it is something you and your toddler can make together! Read more….

Soup, Biscuits, and Helping Hands

Sometimes it feels as if the daily tasks of living cannot be accomplished with a toddler. Reading books and playing can easily occupy one for an entire morning, but then everyone gets hungry and tired, blueberries stain a new t-shirt  while a mountain of clean laundry gets upended onto the dog-hair laden floor and nap time is interrupted by a heffalump; the prospect of cooking dinner looms.

What to do? Read more…

Watch for Huckleberry at the Arts Building, Fall of 2016.

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