Art Crawl 2016

Sunshine Coast Art Crawl at Arts Building 2016 #25

New this year, the Arts Building is hosting a group of talented artists, ranging from fine art painting, photography, fibre art and more. Join us during this year’s Art Crawl (#25) to enjoy their work and to find out about the many classes offered by the Arts Building Society.

Art Crawl 2016 at the Arts Building will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 5:00pm on October 21 – 23, 2016. Look for #25 on the Art Crawl Map and in lower Gibsons!

The Arts Building is pleased to host the following artists as part of Art Crawl 2016:

Rose Clarke Mixed Media Painter Art TherapyRose Puleston-Clarke, Mixed Media & Painter
Rose is a mixed media artist and painter in acrylics and watermedia. As an art therapist, her primary interest is expressive imagery that touches deep places within. Her art speaks the language of mystery, symbolism and mytho-poetics. She leads a series of classes in spontaneous and intuitive artmaking “Art for the Inner I”.
Rose is a lifelong artist. Raised in South Africa, she has studied at the University of Cape Town, London University UK, Adler University and BC School of Art Therapy.

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Mudito Drope Art Crawl Arts BuildingMudito Drope, Needle Arts & Acrylic Painting
Mudito learned the needle arts from her talented mother when she was a small child. Throughout her life she has found expression for her creative urges in the medium of fabric and threads. In the 1970’s she began to produce pieced quilts and what she came to call fabric paintings. These pictorial works gave her the opportunity to use the cast off fabrics of today, that is polyesters of all types, rather than just the traditional cotton of North American quilts both modern and older quilts. Embroidery was always a feature of her work.

Throughout the years of quilting she dabbled in watercolour painting and this became the primary focus of her creative work in the 1990’s. The belief that drawing is the foundation skill of all painting led her to attend the Life Drawing Sessions at the Sunshine Coast Arts Center for several years. A practice she continues to this day from time to time.

As she developed her painting skills she turned to Acrylic paint as her preferred medium, delighting in the spontaneity she could achieve with this medium. She continues to paint primarily with acrylics.

Her current interests run to plein aire drawing and painting in the warm weather and translating these works into larger paintings in her studio during the winter. This direction shows no signs of abating. She now carries her materials with her on her many trips across Canada and into the US giving her many opportunities to create.


Trisha Joel - Textile Art - Art Crawl 2016 - Arts BuildingTrisha Joel, Textile Art
Trisha has been doing textile art for approximately 30 years. In the last 2 years she has focused on eco-printing both fabric and paper producing one of a kind leaf printed scarves, pillows and cards.
Very recently she branched out into pen & ink work when on a trip to California this spring she could not take the dye pot & all the equipment needed for eco-printing so found simple watercolour paper, india ink, pens and a brush produced quite interesting shapes and lines.


Marilyn Marshall Painter Art Crawl 2016 GibsonsMarilyn Marshall, Acrylic Painter
Painting in acrylics on canvas, board, and paper, Marilyn Marshall has worked to develop a pictorial vocabulary that allows her to convey something of the awe she feels for the natural world. She usually draws and paints directly from a model, and she has been occupied mainly with human and botanical forms. Marilyn is drawn to the bones of nature, by which she means the structural basis for different life forms. Because it is possible, she loves to distort these bones, bending them, stretching them, placing them in “impossible” orientations, to please her sense of design.

It pleases her also to see analogies between the structures of different species because such analogies imply a fundamental connection between disparate life forms. She enjoys bringing different organic forms together in unexpected ways that can promote laughter, reflection, or tears.


Susan Pilotto Arts Crawl 2016 GibsonsSusan Pilotto, Mixed Media Fiber Artist
Mouse Dropping’s whimsical world was brought into being by Susan Pilotto, a mixed media fiber artist who specializes in creating miniature, one of kind, wool felt characters. She graduated from Vancouver’s Capilano College with a Diploma in Studio Art and currently resides in Gibsons BC. You can see more of her work by visiting her blog “Mouse Droppings Fine Folk Art”.
For more information, please visit her website at


Alan Sirulnikoff Photographer Arts CrawlAlan Sirulnikoff, Photographer
Born in the depth of a Winnipeg winter, photographer Alan Sirulnikoff has lived on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast for over 16 years following lengthy stays in Toronto and Vancouver.

He continues to work on and exhibit his long-term photographic projects including: Still Life, On the Line (international laundry), Hidden Voices (graffiti) and Dead Ahead (wildlife killed in car collisions).

Alan’s images have have appeared in numerous books, magazines and other publications both nationally and internationally.

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Penny Fisher Spencer Painter Arts Crawl 2016Penny Spencer, Painter
Penny Spencer is currently living on the Sunshine Coast after studying in Halifax where she received her Bachelors Of Fine Art at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. Her paintings, watercolours, prints, and drawings have been exhibited at various art shows in the Yukon Territories, the Maritimes, and British Columbia. Her work is held in private collections throughout North America.

Her recent work has been a description of colour, light, and movement on coastal scenery. Working mainly with oil paint, she has been layering and building up multiple thicknesses resulting in a breaking up of imagery which seems to move on its own.

Currently, Penny has been creating a body of work that represents the mysterious qualities of the coastal landscape. Grey misty solitude, grey craggy storms, and grey breaking light are such a part of life here. Penny uses colour and texture to explore the depth of the region which upon first glance may appear to by quite dull on the surface but underneath is teaming with colour.

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