A Letter from Penny Allport

unnamed-2Dear Folks on the Coast,

With so much artistry in our midst, relationships are a worthy place to devote some of our creative energies!!

Hubert Godard, (Dean of Movement at the University of Paris) one of my long time mentors in perceptual inquiry would begin his class with “Posture will determine the potential of action.”  When I took my first training with him, I wrote fastidiously in my journal “Posture will determine the potential of affection” (meaning our capacity to love and be loved).

Hubert had a thick french accent, and coupled with my life long inquiry into our capacity as humans to move beyond the fight, flight, freeze response when we are faced with the challenges of differing view points and seeming opposition in relationships, I heard “affection” rather than “action.”    After three days of writing my version of what he was saying,  I suddenly realized I was “lost in translation.”

When I shared my notes with Hubert, he laughed aloud and responded “OUI!!! Yes!  Yes!!  OUI!”  In that moment we both had a moment of being “found in translation” and the work had so much more depth and meaning than what our initial interest and inquiry was.

The Six Servants are archetypal energies we each have within us.  When engaged and embodied they become allies in meeting the challenges of relationship.  We increase our capacity to live in the tension of seeming opposites, and discover a third way of relating un-imagined previously.  The healthy masculine within each of us is longing to be accessed.  The Divine Feminine within us is waiting patiently for her partner in life!

Fresh curiosity and interest in the path of relationship is a worthy place for your creative energy. This is about relationship with everything from Self to Soil!

With blessings of autumn’s embrace,

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