4 Saturdays in March: Beginner Watercolour Series Part I

Release your inner artist and learn to paint in beautiful and delicate watercolours.

Are you drawn to the beauty and translucent quality of watercolour paints?   If your inner artist is calling out for expression in this attractive medium then this course is for you.   Watercolour artist Roberta Mauel will guide you through a series of exercises and paintings to help you feel at ease with this very accessible creative expression. You will learn the basics of this medium, and work with the unique qualities of watercolour paint. You will experiment with techniques such as ‘wet in wet’, and flat, graded and variegated washes, and learn to apply different colour values to create depth and three-dimensionality. You will gain an understanding of warm, cool and complementary colour combinations, and learn to use a variety of brush strokes to create texture, drama, mood, and light. Various themes will be explored such as cultural landscapes, trees and forest scenes, still-life, flower paintings and more.

The price of this includes all four sessions. 

Dates & Times:
Instructor: Roberta Mauel
Cost: $120
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