3 ‘Knows’ to Your Life as a Masterpiece

Contributed by Michael Worsfold


“He not busy being born is busy dying”. – Bob Dylan


If you are interested in the notion of Making Your Life Your Masterpiece, or being the best you you can be, or in rebooting your creative energies, then you will find the Enneagram a powerful tool.

The Enneagram is a model of nine personality types. Nine different lenses to observe and interpret the world. Nine different mental and emotional software programs. Nine different ways of being. Imagine the creative value of having nine distinct perspectives from which to choose.

Enneagram - Your Life as Your Masterpiece

Map your personality. Visiting a new territory, it helps to have a map. The Enneagram is like a map of your inner world. The Enneagram survey part of the workshop, will give you an accurate picture of your inner landscape. Exploring the Enneagram is an adventure in self-discovery. You will learn three things that will make you more effective and improve the quality of your life.

1. Know your dominant motivation. According to our personality type we each have a goal to feel and a certain way. We have strategies, mostly unconscious, to get that feeling. Being unclear about any of this we work in the dark. Being conscious about your motivation gives you access to greater satisfaction.

2. Know yourself at your best. Three things are required to make the most of your gifts.
• To know your gifts. Not understanding and accepting the gifts of your personality type may mean that your gifts go unopened or undeveloped. We are prone to chase after wanting other people’s gifts. As we age our gifts may need to be rediscovered.
• To grow your gifts. Gifts must be developed through hard work. As we change and new gifts emerge, we must sustain the personal growth effort.
• To leverage your gifts. Learn to create a team, and to communicate your offer to the world.

3. Know why you struggle. We all struggle in some way. We struggle to succeed. Every success brings new problems. Our ego personality is our biggest enemy and the cause of our suffering. Undetected, our ego runs us and is the source of our suffering. The Enneagram teaching is that we are not our ego personality, not emotions or our story. We are the observer, the chooser and the author of our masterpiece.

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