2014 AGM


Arts Building Society AGM – June 7 2014

In attendance:

Roger Swickis, Alan Surulnikoff, Rose Clarke, Jacqueline Rogers, Georgina Brandon, Sandy Buck, Bronwen Payerle, Laurel Sukkau, Judith Hammill, Lee Ann Johnson, James Graham, Stephen Christian, Wayne Harjula, Jill Brandon, Sheila Page, Margo Howe, Helene Baril.

minutes recorded by Bronwen Payerle

Roger Swickis called to order at 10:50am!

1. Adoption of Agenda – moved: Alan Sirulnikoff; 2nd: Rose Clarke

2. Adoption of Minutes (available online) from June 1 2013 AGM – moved Sandy Buck; 2nd: Alan

3. President’s Report – Roger

Arts Building Society President’s Report from September 2013 to May 2014

As the 5th year draws to a close we recognize that the Arts Building is a strongly established organization in the community that is now widely known and part of the fabric of the dynamic arts culture on the Sunshine Coast.

Jan Poynter sparked off the season with her Plein Air event. This international event takes place in several communities worldwide and was the first one run from Gibsons. Participants took part in workshops and painting sessions throughout the Town, followed by an exhibition and sale.

The Gibsons Landing Gallery and the Arts Building once again partnered to create “Random Acts” which was exhibited during the Art Crawl. This once again was very successful with 130 people participating and 400+ coming through the Arts Building over the weekend to view the results.

The 5th annual Festive Sale had more participants this year with 30 artists selling their work and 500+ people attending this popular event.

The 4 piece band “West My Friend” from Victoria played to an appreciative audience in February.

Wendy, our dynamic Pecha Kucha host has moved to Peru so the Arts Building has not hosted a Pecha Kucha event this year and will see someone passionate and skilled steps up.

The Arts Building partnered with the Transition Town group throughout the fall. The Transition Town members ran weekly information sessions about working towards a less oil dependant future, and created a public installation in the 8×8 gallery in which community members were welcome to add ideas and provide feedback.

The Gibsons Chamber of Commerce ran a Makers Group from the Arts Building, bringing innovative thinkers together with examples of robotics.

Aaron Malkin and Alastair Knowles came from Vancouver in the fall to run an Improvisation Theatre Workshop. The duo also held their sold out show “2 For Tea” while on the coast.

The well known local artist Greta Guzek was a dynamic new instructor to the Arts Building this year offering two popular weekend painting workshops that quickly filled with a waitlist.

Shel Neufeld a professional local photographer led two lively workshops in the fall taking people outside and sharing his expertise on composition.

People were delighted when Pat Collier offered a comprehensive 10 week drawing class in the fall. We are pleased to hear that she will be offering this class again in October.

Returning artists from years past included:

Bronwen Payerle with her children’s series, “Painting Canada”, and “Drawing People & Animals”.

Ted Peters with his wealth of knowledge on cameras.
Eilis Carpentier’s students returned to her creative writing classes.

Sandy Buck from the Deer Crossing Art Farm Society ran a fun March Break camp in conjunction with the Town of Gibsons called “The Aquifer Project”.

Mary Boulding ran another series of her health lectures.
Rose Clarke ran her popular “Inner I” series throughout the year.

Stephen Murphy taught the traditional skills of bookbinding in a series of workshops.

Todd Clark ended the season with his dynamic and bold painting classes.

Little Hands on Mondays has grown this year and continues to be a mainstay for preschoolers and their siblings and caregivers. Laurel has offered new learning opportunities to well over 400 people now.

Paint In sessions offer so much to the community with materials and professional guidance so all levels of experience can participate and expand their skills and ideas.

The Monday night Ukulele Group remains strong and they are so good now that they are branching out and playing at places such as the Persephone. Graham Walker has taught about 75 people their chords by now.

We look forward to the next season of the Arts Building and continuing to generate creative growth in the community through classes and events for all ages, and offering the infrastructure that supports artists.

Thank you to our sponsors this year: The Town of Gibsons, The Sunshine Coast Regional District, and the Sunshine Coast Credit Union

Accepted – moved: James Graham 2nd: Alan

4. Treasurer’s Report – Georgina Brandon:

Arts Building Society Treasurer’s Report: June 2014 AGM

The Arts Building Society currently has a balance of $ 1543.36. There has been a decrease in revenue from 2012-2013 to date by $3916.05 comparing $21433.44 this year to $25349.49 from the 2012-2013 season.

Adult classes during this season increased in revenue as most of the classes that the Arts Building ran were full. As indicated on the chart the revenue for children’s classes is lower this season than last as the Arts Building ran only half the classes due to the teacher, (Bronwen) being hired by District 46 and there being no other available children’s teachers.

We aim to provide regular classes throughout the entire season next year by establishing a weekly children’s art co-op in which three teachers will rotate throughout the year, providing varying perspectives, different expertise, and a manageable schedule for the teachers.

Random Acts brought in $960 this year and the Festive Sale brought in a record $1200.

Revenue for events were lower this year as Pecha Kucha was not run due to Wendy moving to Peru.

The rent has gone up by $25 per month this year plus a new $50 monthly fee for storage in the summer months. The insurance has also increased by $440.
These increases are offset by bringing in more rent this year by public groups such as the Ukulele Group, the Writer’s Group, and the Transition Town Group, as well as the decrease in administration costs as there were fewer children’s classes being run.

The Arts Building would like to maximize the use of the space and be open more often and proposes to do this by creating a Studio Co-op in which 5-8 participants can rent the space for $85/month each to use the space as a working studio with the options of display, retail, or Pop-up shop.

This would provide an opportunity for artists in the community, generate interest for the public, and increase the use of this excellent community space.

I propose to add a $5 membership fee to class fees for first time participants as a simpler way to gather memberships. In the past we have collected membership at occasional events and found that this was limiting and difficult to keep track of.

We have applied for a Provincial Gaming Grant for $5000 this spring and if this is successful it will give the Arts Building a boost in providing funds for the subsidized drop-in sessions such as Little Hands and Paint In, and the means to offer ample supplies to work with.

Thank you to the Sunshine Coast Credit Union for so enthusiastically donating $500 for Paint In this year.

Approval – moved: Judith 2nd: Laurel S. All in Favour. Unanimous approval.

Discussion of materials to donate. What is useful? What can Laurel use for Little Hands? – toilet paper rolls, sketchbooks, loose paper, paper egg cartons, roll paper! Potential call for donations on website, or drop-off box at the building.

Discussion of membership. $5 annual fee

Proposal to make membership October-September, annual, purchased at Random Acts. One must be a member to take a class — noted on the website, so the $5 would be added to the cost of a class if not already purchased. Should be available online. Administrative details to be worked out.
moved: Alan, 2nd: Jacqueline Rogers

5. Studio Co-op Proposal. $85/month for 8×8 and front office (storage) plus main room (to be cleaned up every day)

Discussion of cost. Sandy Buck suggests perhaps $50 is more affordable than $85. Invite more people to join. And are children OK? Things to consider.

Sheila Page suggested looking at lease agreement and license to occupy, to ensure the co-op complies with the rules. Also, fewer people would be easier to manage. Perhaps raise the fee to $100/month with 6 people.

Georgina responds that the lease has been read clearly. The studio rental is allowed. Pop-Up shop becomes a unique event, not a retail store. The Arts Building wants less responsibility; more people invested in the space and keeping it clean/open/used. Balance of storage and use. AB board wants to interview participating artists, to ascertain compatibility. Waiting for expressions of interest to determine details of co-op and use/fee structure.

Steve Christian: space allocation. Idea of inclusivity desirable. Booking system within co-op model, payment depending on amount of use. Car co-op model, so one can book online.

LeeAnne Johnson likes the idea of overlapping shared space. Open studio, social time, shared creative activity. Booked similar to a class.

Sheila: schedule for artists to share the studio space; drop-in

6. Nominations for Board Executive, 2014-2016

LeeAnn Johnson nominating the 5 present directors: Roger, Alan, Rose, Georgina, Jacqueline plus Sandy Buck to be our next season’s executive.
moved: James 2nd: Judith
all in favour.

Six directors be allowed to fill a seventh position, if required.! moved: LeeAnn 2nd: James

7. Motion to adjourn at 11:40am, Alan 2nd: Georgina

All in favour.

Morning of Thursday June 12th for GSA to take over the building. -Sheila to confirm.