• Shelley January

    January 6+7: The Power of Gesture – Drawing From Life

    Drawing and proportion problems are at the root of not getting everything you can out of life painting and drawing sessions from the model. Gesture drawing is at the root of drawing practice and is a traditional core method of quick observational drawing that aids in the understanding of the human figure and how it moves. It is with […]


December 9: Basics of Pouring

What is Pouring? How do I start? Is it expensive? Come out and learn how to pour! This Basics workshop will show you how to pour on a budget and create some great pieces to hang or gift.  This is the 1st in a Series of Pouring workshops where you will go home with more […]

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December 2: Introduction To Wet Felting

Using water, soap and agitation, we’ll use wool fibre to make a few different objects. We’ll play with shaping, working with silk scarves, and a variety of fibres. This is a basic workshop to build some skill and learn some techniques so you can felt on your own. We’ll make a flat piece of cloth, […]

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